India continues to forge its way to an even stronger power grid and nation-wide connectivity for electricity. The call of the hour is clear – let no household be without power. Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 1,000 day deadline to power every village has been backed by strong steps. An ambitious target of 175 Gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022 has also been established.
Switch represents this ambitious and powerful spirit of India. One of the largest electrical expos in the country, Switch is to be held from October 6 to 10, 2016, in Vadodara. It represents one of the biggest networks of electrical manufacturers, innovators, technologies and partners in the industry.
Gujarat reflects the new energy of India. As a power surplus state it is surging ahead with a vibrant ecosystem of business friendly policies, world-class infrastructure and unmatched entrepreneurship acumen. Gujarat’s power sector embodies the best of doing business in India.
Shri Vijay Rupani Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat
Gujarat offers endless opportunities. And Switch is a powerful showcase of the state as the ideal destination for India’s electrical industry. As it takes the next big leap in to a bright future, Gujarat is offering the biggest growth platform for electrical businesses to power ahead.
Shri Nitinbhai Patel Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat
Switch is India’s biggest platform for manufacturers, buyers, investors and innovators from the electrical industry. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to bridge possibilities and opportunities.
Shri Chimanbhai Shapariya Hon'ble Minister of Energy & Agriculture
Gujarat will showcase its powerful opportunities in the electrical domain through Switch 2016. As a global platform it opens the doors towards a new future.
Shri Pradeepsinh Jadeja Hon'ble Minister of State for Energy, Civil Defence, Prohibition Excise, Law & Justice
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Join us as
Unveiling the biggest electrics expo
in India’s largest power equipment
manufacturing hub
Unveiling the biggest electrics expo
in India’s largest power equipment
manufacturing hub
Unveiling the biggest electrics expo
in India’s largest power equipment
manufacturing hub
Switch opens up a brave new world for companies in the electrical sector. Hosting some of the world's biggest electrical industry players it is the perfect
place to grow your network. With the offer of potential striking equally huge deals is also a definite plus for this massive electrical expo.
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At the outset, our sincere thanks for showing such a keen interest in Switch. We are clearly aware of the challenges that participants face in
terms of logistics, hospitality and their expectations from the exhibition. We, at Switch, have made a focused plan to resolve this issue
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