Module M2: Manufacturing Technologies

Date: 8th October 2016

Cost optimisation - Lean manufacturing, indigenisation of technologies, economy of scale, adoption of strategies according to the product mix, automation & robotics and quality control.
Manufacturers, academia, industrial engineering institutes, R&D organisation, IT & automation companies, MSME, SSI, global investors & industrialists, financial institutions and capital ventures.
Event details
In-depth deliberations led by leading manufacturing units will focus on best practices for cost effective production in electrical industries. Selective case studies will also be taken up.
Conclusion & future action plan
Provide opportunities to MSME & SSI for vendor base of main and sub components in electrical industry.
Event Schedule
Sequence Topic Speaker Duration (Mins) From To
Introduction Welcome & Inaugural Address C H Prahallad, ABB 15 09:30 09:45
Key Note
Industrial revolution: The next level of manufacturing Markus Bachmann, ABB 30 09:45 10:15
Historical walkthrough the three industrial revolutions
Glance of the upcoming fourth industrial revolution
Opportunities and challenges for manufacturing industries
with fourth revolution
Session 1 Quality - Foundation for growth Ragothman Hanumantha-Rao, ABB 30 10:15 10:45
Quality as foundation and backbone for businesses.
New Gen Customer’s expectation change and expectation high!
Failures can happen – resolve it fast!!
Continuous Quality Improvement shall be
“End to End” and truly “Continuous”.
Cost of Poor Quality – measure, manage and reduce to survive!
Engage every resource at disposal – Everyone has ideas and can contribute!
How Quality will be viewed in the coming days?
  Tea Break   15 10:45 11:00
Session 2 Made in India: Made for the world Giandomenico Testi, ABB 30 11:00 11:30
India’s economic drivers
Export/Import balance – local competitive landscape
vs. other geographies
Industry development pattern, opportunities and challenges
ABB’s technology contribution to Indian Society
ABB’s manufacturing set up in India
Export opportunities and challenges
Session 3 Automation in Manufacturing Egil Stryken, ABB 30 11:30 12:00
Presentation of practical examples of automation in
transformer manufacturing
Examples on existing automation
Future opportunities
Session 4 The Lean Revolution Markus Bachmann, ABB 30 12:00 12:30
Lean implementation with a holistic approach
People as the key factor of success
Specific ABB examples
Brilliant Factory Aditya Venkaraman, GE 30 12:30 13:00
Defining the scope of Industry 4.0 from Virtual Manufacturing to Predictive Maintenance. What is the India advantage?
Breaking the barrier with the financial teams – the war between Capex and Opex.
The first biggest question – How does it show on my KPI?
The second biggest question – Am I replacing people
with machines?
"The three unsaid critical factors for Industry 4.0 / Brilliant
Factory to work: Persistence with technology, Persistence
with people, Persistence with management!"
  Lunch Break   60 12:30 14:00
Session 5 The internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP) Akilur Rahman, ABB 30 14:00 14:30
What is IoTSP?
Insight into the concept and technologies of IoTSP
Current challenges of manufacturing industries for cost,
quality & productivity
How advancement in automation, monitoring, diagnostics
andanalytics is enabling IoTSP to be a collaborative platform
Achieving operational goals by addressing chalenges and risk with IoTSP
One of the important enablers of smart factory how it can support Make in India initiative, not only for India, but also for the world.
Session 6 Panel discussion and Open House : Development of World Class Indigenous Vendor Base for Electrical Industries [1] C H Prahallad, ABB
[2] MurgendraKoujalagi,
[3] M. R. Rao, IreFrame,
[4] V. Ranganathan, GE
[5] Nital Zaveri, Concept Business Excellence Pvt Ltd
60 14:30 15:30
  Tea Break   15 15:30 15:45
Session 7 Technical Paper Review and Q&A Session Shekhar Kothari, ABB 120 15:45 17:45
Closing Vote of thanks from knowledge partner Rupinder Singh, ABB 15 17:45 18:00

Mr. Markus Bachmann

Global Operation
Excellence & Business
Development Manager
Read More

Mr. Ragothman

Business Application Owner OpEx Analyzer & Relentless Execution Dashboard
Read More

Mr. Giandomenico testi

Chief Technology
Officer - ABB India Ltd.,
and Head of Engineering
Council - ABB Group
Read More

Mr. Egil Stryken

Global Manager - Production
Innovation Team,
Transformers, ABB
Read More

Mr. Aditya Venkatramanan

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer GE India-Supply Chain Management
Read More

Mr. Akilur Rahman

Head of Corporate Research
Center, Bangalore
Read More

Mr. C H Prahallad

Vice President.
Head of Corporate
Quality & Operation Excellence
Read More

Mr. Murgendra Koujalagi

Vice President, Country
Supply Chain Manager
Read More

Mr. V Ranganathan

Regional Managing
Grid Solutions, GE.
Read More

Mr. M R Rao

Executive & Business
Coach; Facilitator & Mentor
Read More

Mr. Nital Zaveri

CEO & Director
Read More

Mr. Shekhar Kothari

Manager-Operations Excellence
and Information Services,
Power Grids High Voltage,
ABB India Ltd.
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