It was not long ago that the Power Sector had hit a lull, and was in dire need of constructive measures which would bring back the lost glory. With the new government taking over, the Power Sector has undergone a dramatic change. Here, we throw some light on the reforms that have successfully transformed the scenario.
1. The Financial Restructuring Scheme for DISCOMs—UDAY (Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana)
Very aptly named, UDAY was slated to pull out the state distribution companies of their recurrent losses in finance and operations. So far, 15 states have already signed up for UDAY and around 1 Lakh Crore worth UDAY bonds have been assigned last year. The states benefit from the approximate savings of 1, 80,000 crore per year.
2. Landmark amendments in the Tariff Policy
“Power is not inadequate, but needs proper management”. The goal of ‘electricity for all’ began with the tariff policy reforms. Equal distribution and affordable pricing managed to create an environment that is conducive to growth. Stalled projects have been revived especially in the Southern region. Transfer capacity has increased by 71% i.e. from 3,450 MW in 2013-14 to 5,900 MW. Regions with power deficit are now running power surplus under the Viduyt Pravah.
3. State Specific Action Plans for 24×7 power
These involved reforms which were tailor-made to suit the power needs of that particular state. Under this plan, already 19 states and Union territories have been incorporated.
4. Domestic Coal production led to reduction in deficit
The cancellation of 204 Coal Blocks by Supreme Court was thoughtfully carried forward by an ethical and transparent allocation process. This has the prospects to bring in potential revenue for the coal bearing states of up to 3.44 lakh crore over the lifetime of 74 mines. Additionally, the domestic coal production going up, today no power plant in India faces critical coal stock level with more than 25 days average stock (as on 26th April 2016). Also, the increased domestic production has reduced the import deficit by more than Rs. 28,000 crore.
5. Focus the Renewable Energy sources for energy efficiency
1,00,000 MW of Solar power generation is targeted by 2019. In 2015-16, the largest ever wind capacity addition of 3,300 MW was successfully achieved. Solar Capacity has increased by 157% since 2014 of 4,132 MW. Solar projects of capacity 20,904 MW were tendered in 2015-16 of which, projects of 11,209 MW have already been awarded. 32 Solar Parks of 19,400 MW capacities have been sanctioned in 20 states.
6. Electrification of Villages-Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana
Electrification of about 18,452 villages is already going on in full swing. Surpassing the target of 2,800 villages, 7,108 villages have been electrified in short span of one year. Considering the swift progress, the goal should be achieved before the set target of 2019. In Agriculture sector, 31,472 pumps have been installed so far which is said to be higher than the total number installed since the beginning of this programme in 1991.
7. Distribution of LED bulbs- UJALA (Unnat Jyot by Affordable LEDs for All)
This involved distribution of LED bulbs. In just one year the distribution has crossed 10 crore by government agencies and 6 crore by private entities.
8. Power to the citizens
Transparency and accountability lie at the core of the policies and reforms. The government has come up with website and mobile apps to ensure proactive participation of citizens. While these enable the government to analyse their performance, they also help the citizens to track the progress. Some of them are: Grameen Vidyutikaran (GARV) app- helps citizens track progress of rural electrification. The UJALA app shows real-time LED distribution numbers across the country. Vidyut Pravah app provides real time information of electricity price and availability thereby, giving in the hands of the people, the tool to hold their state governments accountable.
These reforms have proven to be the golden steps which are sure to guide us towards the dream of “Ujjwal Bharat”.
As invention is to necessity, so is innovation to simplicity. In today’s scenario innovation is no more a fancy term; in fact it has gone onto becoming building blocks of a quality lifestyle. At the manufacturing and industrial frontiers innovations and the need to innovate has rather become more of a survival instinct to stay in business. So, in time and age where innovations have become indispensible to our lives, SWITCH 2016 is bringing some of the best innovations to light through a magnificent Innovation & Technology Summit. It is providing an interactive platform to the innovators and young minds to share and exhibit their ideas while investors and manufacturers get a chance to identify their potential applications in the industry.

The Innovation & Technology Summit is a unique collage of well-planned events touching upon various aspects of the electrical, power and related industries. Moreover, the innovation and technical paper presentation for over 30 topics also involve an extensive knowledge and information exchange. With 100 stalls, 80,000 Sq.Mtr., 8 domes, 10,000 key executives and 15,000 visitors a day, this is undoubtedly the biggest ever innovation summit to be organized in the country.

The events are spread across a span of 5 days, listed from M1 to M4, dealing with a plethora of subjects. Here’s a brief overview.
M1 Innovations (6-7-8-9-10 October 2016)
This provides a strong platform to the start-ups. The focus majorly lies on bringing the innovative idea to reality through sufficient incubation, mentoring and guiding towards its application, and finally monetizing it. Moreover, the benefits declared by the Government of Gujarat for Start-ups and innovators shall also be extended to them. If an idea is impactful enough, there are high chances of it being selected for the implementation. Under government schemes, one is also enabled to free access of libraries, universities and laboratories in addition to any financial aid required for further assistance.
M2 Technologies (8 October 2016)
This aims at effective utilization of technology in manufacturing for the production of cost-effective products. Manufacturing capacity is often seen as a yardstick to industrial growth and further extends itself to show-up in the form of employment and GDP. Thus, it’s important that how technical knowledge is rightly applied in production through an ideal mix of materials, resources and skills. With M2, the ‘Make in India’ initiative of our Hon’ble Prime Minister is taken a step ahead by capitalizing on the talent and skills of young India. This is done by providing them with state-of- the-art manufacturing technologies and processes. M2 aims to take manufacturing to the next level through cutting-edge technical innovations that enable automation. Also, lean practices and innovative indigenization lead to energy efficiency, optimized used of resources there by, reducing costs.
M3 Asset Management (9 October 2016)
This provides an opportunity to undergo renovation and modernization of aged assets. As the assets depreciate, performance decreases while the costs are on an upsurge. At M3, sessions are aimed at charting out an effective Asset Management System (AMS) which leads to further improvement in the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of a utility. Additionally, the area of Asset Management Strategy shall revolve around the four pillar processes: Maintenance Process, Grid Management Process, System Improvement Process and Network Development Process. Finally, maintenance process with optimized costs is bound to address all the existing concerns.
M4 Renewable Energy Portfolio (10 October 2016)
With the current statistics of the Energy Efficiency mission, the future looks quite promising. But still more renewable energy sources and technologies have to be explored. M4 deals extensively with development and application of renewable energy at various points. Some key points to be dealt with involve: Mapping RE potential with maximum output, Transmission infrastructure and support system, Selection of right technology, distributed generation and micro grids, Grid integration of RE, Grid code, grid connectivity obligations and regulatory intervention, RE management centre, and Innovation & technology.
Alongside, the Innovation & Technology also extends itself to be a knowledge platform through insightful paper presentations. Under this forum, people can participate and share their scope of work across diverse fields of electrical and power industry.

This mega summit does not just restrict itself to buyers or businessmen, but opens itself to everyone who is always on a look-out for some innovative and mind-boggling ideas that fuel their minds and keep it alive.
2016 is the year of start-ups and of clean energy; today either you are planting a tree, attending a green drive rally or pledging to use energy wisely up until next year. It’s time we take these up on a daily basis, to pave our way to an energy efficient future. Considering the ever-increasing energy needs and demand-supply disparity, there are countries that have chosen to tread the clean energy path and with some ambitious projects in pipeline, India is not far behind.

Recently Portugal made headlines by operating exclusively on renewable energy for 4 consecutive days. The electricity needs were met by Solar, Wind and Hydro power from 7th May 2016-11th May 2016 and this trend has become quite prevalent in European countries owing to their geography and climate. According to Oliver Joy, a spokesman for the Wind Europe trade association, “An increased build-out of interconnectors, a reformed electricity market and political will are all essential. But with the right policies in place, wind could meet a quarter of Europe’s power needs in the next 15 years.”

Going the less-carbon way is not rocket science after-all. All you need is to revamp your natural energy resources and invest in their efficiency. It could be either Solar that brightens up our lives or it could be the wind which simply blows away worries, the options are plenty and so are their applications. And to lead the fleet is Sweden. In 2015, Sweden had set up a colossal target for itself to go fossil fuel-free within its boundaries through investments in Solar, Wind, energy storage, smart grids and clean transport. All its energy needs have been taken over renewable energy resources. Just few more years and Sweden will be a 100% fossil fuel-free country giving energy goals to rest of the world.

Next on the list is Costa Rica. Owing to its distinct geography and undying commitment to environment conservation, Costa Rica meets majority of its energy needs through solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and other low-carbon resources. In 2015, it achieved 99% renewable energy generation. For 285 days it could power its grid purely on renewable energy. This Central American country is also giving some major inspiration to other countries.

Scotland has done some mind blowing work last year. It generated 97% of the country’s household electricity needs through wind energy. Scotland is giving a fierce fight to the decreasing energy resources by resorting to more renewable and cost-effective alternatives.

Germany is swiftly moving towards a bright future driven solely by solar energy with its highest solar PV capacity, Germany has successfully met 78% of day’s electricity demand from renewable sources. On 8th of May, 2016, Germany was paying its citizens to consume the renewable energy generated by them!

A relatively small country with even smaller population, Uruguay has led its way to de-carbonization and that too without any government subsidies or increasing costs. The country has recorded 95% electricity generation through renewable sources. With biomass, solar and wind power, Uruguay accounts for about 55% of country’s overall energy mix.

In 2015, Denmark created world record by generating 42% of its electricity through wind energy. Eyeing the oil crisis till 1970s, Denmark chose to make the most of what is available to it in abundance, wind and set up its first commercial wind turbine, a Vestas 30 kW, in 1979. And the rest as they say is history!

Did you know, world’s largest carbon-emitter is also a leader in renewable energy? Yes, it’s none other than China. In 2014 China had world’s largest installed wind energy capacity and a second highest installed solar PV capacity. It topped in energy generation through wind with 114,609 MW.

While these countries are setting aspiring benchmarks in the generation and application of renewable energy sources, India is taking cues from them and marching towards its clean energy mission. Quite a lot has been done and much of it is in progress. Today, we boast of having successfully added the highest wind power capacity of 3,423 MW. At the solar front, we have installed 31,472 solar pumps in 2015-16. We look forward to striking a solar alliance, with 121 tropical countries, so as to develop and promote solar energy. By 2022, we aim to achieve 5 times more renewable energy capacity of 175 GW. To provide a stronger base to this ambitious project, a green energy corridor at the cost of 38,000 Cr. is to be constructed to further optimize the transmission of renewable energy.

Switch Global Expo, being held from 6th to 10th October 2016, is one of India’s largest Power and Innovations Expo will be showcasing futuristic Clean Energy Technologies at the Innovation Summit. Switch Global Expo is supported by Shri Saurabh Patel, Power Minister, Shri Piyush Goyal and FGI (Federation of Gujarat Industries). It shall be a tremendously fruitful and engaging meeting place for the leaders of Power Sector.
"Let no household be without power"- to attain this dream of energy efficiency, India is set to power-up the future by 2019. To fuel-up this ambitious dream further, we bring to you Switch Global Expo 2016-India's Biggest Electric Expo and Innovation Summit. This grand expo has found its perfect landing in Vadodara which is known as the power hub of India. Vadodara is all set to be the epicenter of power from 6th-10th October, 2016.

On 13th February 2016, SWITCH was gloriously launched in Bengaluru by Honorable Shri. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and Honorable Shri. Saurabh Patel, Minister of Energy & Petrochemicals, Finance and Tourism, Government of Gujarat in the presence of dignitaries from the field of Electrical Engineering and Power. This was followed by a grand launch in Vadodara as well. Promoted by the Government of Gujarat under Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL) and organized, implemented by the Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI), SWITCH aims to boost the power sector. It offers an expansive and interactive platform for the manufacturers, innovators, technocrats, new entrepreneurs and others from the industry, across the world. The grandness of SWITCH comes from an exhaustive display of a wide range of products, 8500 key buyers and a whopping number of over 1,00,000 assured visitors, leading it to become undoubtedly the largest networking platform of the power and electric industry.

SWITCH goes on to being more than just a platform; it is the perfect launch pad for your business to grow. The doorway of opportunity is thrown open, and now it's up to you as to how you make the most of it. With each of its events dedicated to getting people from different spectrums of the industry on one single platform, SWITCH is an assured growth opportunity for each one of them. And it's these associations, technology & knowledge sharing, partnerships, innovations that shall further pave the gateway for the nation's growth.

SWITCH is aimed to cater the industry at multiple levels. Here's a short glimpse:
Buyers & Sellers Meet
Offers a platform for the meeting of buyers and sellers from across the industry, from India and abroad. It allows them to interact directly, seal deals and collaborate, to further their growth along with the nation.
Technology Exchange
Enables the transfer of technology know-how and identify newer technologies and their usage. It proves to be an efficient platform for Indian companies to further sharpen their technology fronts.
Innovation Showcase & Recognition
Aims at identifying and acknowledging innovators of the country. It instills the need to stay updated with the new and upcoming technologies.
Start-up Platform
As a part of the 'Start-up India' initiative, this aims to offer guidance, mentorship and effective exchange of ideas, thereby enabling freshers to scale-up their ventures.
Banker & Venture Capitalists
A one-to-one meeting platform for the new entrepreneurs and investors/capitalists on a look out to invest in lucrative ideas.
Resale & Refurbish Opportunities
A marketplace of selected reseller partners who operate in the most authentic and appropriate way. It sells equipments for the secondary markets from authorized dealers so they get assured quality.
Surplus Inventory Platform
To get the best for your inventory. It could be anything from dead stock, semi/unused machinery. It's an ideal ground for manufacturing companies, traders and EPC companies.
Designed and planned to perfection, SWITCH boasts of a world-class infrastructure to ensure smooth business proceedings and interactions. The planning assures each of the exhibitors of sufficient space to showcase and exhibit his products. Apart from this, several other services have been incorporated right from travel, accommodation, guest management, local transportation, food, internet connectivity, venue infrastructure, event promotions, entertainment, and safety.

With SWITCH 2016, as we set the stage to unveil the future of power, it's time for you to take the spotlight and light-up your dreams!